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IUI cost ?

Hello ladies, so my insurance is going to be changing soon and I am going to lose my fertility treatment coverage.  So I was wondering if any of you could help me to be prepared for how much a typical IUI cycle will cost OOP.  TIA
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Re: IUI cost ?

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    At my RE's office pricing is this:

    IUI is $350 (includes wash and procedure)
    u/s is $289


    IUI with oral stims is $639 (one u/s and IUI)

    IUI with hybrid stims is $928 (two u/s and IUI)

    IUI with injects is $1217 (three u/s and IUI)  

    These prices do not include meds.  My meds for just oral stims were ~$105.  My meds for hybrids are ~$400


    Began TTC #1 in January 2011
    Confirmation and Removal of Endo - March 2012
    +#1 on 4/1/12 - m/c @ ~8w 5d
    +#2 Tx cycle 4 - 5 mg Letrozole + 75iu Follsitim & Ovidrel w/ IUI on 11/13/12 - EDD 7/23/13 
    7 week u/s revealed THREE babies, all with heartbeats.  153bpm, 148bpm, and 136bpm
    9 week u/s revealed loss of Baby B.  A and C are growing on track.  A measuring 9w1d with 172bpm and C measuring 9w0d with 179 bpm.  
    Elective sex determination u/s on 2/8 revealed... boy AND girl!
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    My IUI's with Clomid have been pretty cheap:

     $340 for two monitoring ultrasounds (CD3 and CD11/12)

     $150 sperm wash

    Around $150 for the IUI 

    $20 for Clomid, $100 for the Ovidrel

    So around $750 for the whole cycle. Cost goes up from there depending on meds, but the other procedures don't change (unless you need more b/w). 

    TTC #1 7/10, Me (31)- Dx DOR (AMH 0.6); DH (30)- normal
    BFP on Cycle #8. Natural M/C at ~8 weeks
    IUI #1 and #2 (8/12, 9/12)- 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel = BFNs
    IVF #1 (EPP) 13R/10M/9F, 5DT 1-4AA blast, beta #1-148, beta #2-322, 5 frosties! 
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    It's different between REs offices. I would call your office and ask for a price quote. My monitoring and blood work is 100 percent covered but I pay 50 percent of the IUI process and 30 copay for visit. This cycle for 2 visits, wash and IUI I paid 170 and then 10 for my clomid Walmart pricing.

    I would recommend getting a written explanation of benefits since my infertility benefits also applied to the IUI and the other stuff was for diagnostics.
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    I'm not sure what the u/s and labs cost... they are fully covered by insurance. The sperm wash is $75 and the IUI is $150.
    TTC#2 Since July 2011
    Me: 29, had two blocked tubes - left was cleared during lap, right was unable to be cleared. PCOS & Stage 2 Endo. DH: 32, SA = perfect
    CLOMID: 4 rounds, 50mg + TI = BFN's. FEMARA: 1 round = no response
    12-24-2012 : Laparoscopy, Softball sized cyst/endo/scar tissue removed.
    Cycle #14 - Feb 2013 : 50mg clomid. Ovidrel Trigger. IUI on 2/14/13 = thin lining, multiple cysts.
    Cycle #15 - no meds, still have cysts, no follicles. Boo!
    Forced break. Continuous BCP for 6 weeks to give my jacked up ovaries a break.
    Cycle #16 actively trying (May/June): Femara, TI = BFN
    Cycle #17- #20 - Med/Treatment break, trying on our own = BFN's all around.
    Cycle #21 - Femara, MORE Femara, Ovidrel and a Christmas IUI = BFN
    MY BLOG -- About DD, TTC and everything in between!

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    I picked up a pamphlet from my RE's office and it says the typical cost for an IUI cycle is 1,600 plus meds (400-1000).

    If your insurance covers part of it they negotiate a different rate and then pay that negotiated rate. However, if you are entirely OOP it is a lot more expensive :(  

    Me: 33 DH: 32 SA#1 low count (6mil) SA#2- now in IUI range!(30mil) Dx:MFI
    11/1- IUI#1,12/1- IUI#2, 1/2- IUI#3 all BFFN
    IVF#1. Long Lupron.ER 3/8 10R,4M,5F. ET 3/3-one 1AB, 2 frosties 5dp5dt-BFP!! Beta 3/25-794 Beta 3/27- 1794
    First u/s 4/8 saw hb. 4/22 missed mc 8w3d. d&c 4/26
    FET #1- bcp start 6/9. ET 7/12. 2 perfect blasts.5dpt-BFP!! 
    Beta 7/24 -1,239!! Beta 7/26- 2569 Beta 7/29- 7120.  U/S 8/7 hb 118! U/S 8/14 hb 143! U/S 8/20 hb 170. Graduated!! Stick baby stick! 

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    IUI only are $300 each.

    Total IUI cycle was around $1,000

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    U/S and B/W $230

    Clomid $20

    Ovidrel $120

    IUI and Sperm Wash $350

    So I pay $720 and I am OOP

    TTC since June 2011
    SA - Normal CD3 Bloodwork - Normal HSG- All clear!
    July 2012 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+TI = BFN
    August 2012 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    September 2012 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    October 4th LAP - Mild Endo - All Removed
    Treatment Break 3 cycles = BFN
    1st Treatment Cycle Post Lap --
    February 2013 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    March 2013 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    April 2013 Break Cycle ~~~ May 2013 Meet with RE discuss next steps
    July 2013 IVF ~ Stims start 6/28
ER 7/10 20R/14M/14F
    Day 3 - 10 Embryos
    ET 7/15 Transferred 1 Blast on day 5 - Froze 6
    7/24 Beta 1 150 7/26 Beta 2 313 7/30 Beta 3 1,084 Beta 4 3,000 Beta 5 8,120 1st U/S 8/8 image
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    Here's my rundown (50% covered)

    CD 3 Monitoring - $112
    Clomid - $6
    Menopur - $60
    Trigger - $90
    Mid cycle monitoring - $112
    IUI (w/wash included) - $66
    Total - $446

    100% cost - $892

    (This will also depend on how many and what types of meds, if any, you're going to be on. Also, if you are on injectibles then factor in the cost of needles, sharps container, etc.)

    Good luck!

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    My clinic charges $1500 for monitoring, wash and IUI.
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    mine was 2300 for the whole cycle of back to back IUIs, monitoring, sperm prep, etc. but the meds were another 2800 :(  I did injections though.


    I just realized, I think I overpay :(

    Ticker/Siggy Warning:  Children and losses mentioned

    TTC #1 since 7/2011
    ME: 37  DH: 38
    HSG-1/16/12-possible blocked left tube
    BFP#1---CP 7/9/12
    Hysteroscopy-8/9/12-blocked left tube for sure, proceeding with IUI#1
    IUI#1 (Gonal-F + trigger)=BFP#2 m/c @ 19w1d D&E 1/23/13
    IUI #2 (Gonal F + trigger)=BFP#3 EDD 1/6/14 TWINS!!!
    Identical girls born 11/17/13
    BFP#4 EDD 8/27/15 MMC at 7w6d

    BFP#5 m/c at 6w

    BFP#6 EDD 10/5/16  Going Strong!  It's a Girl!

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    HCG shot=$15

    Insurance covers ultrasound


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    Mine was $175 for sperm wash, etc, $300 for Iui, $120 for ovidrel, $15 for clomid... So around $600 + a few $20 copays for the u/s visits.
    Me: 37, DH: 38: ttc 7 years, dx: unknown
    10/11: after 2 years, saw a RE, FSH 5.4
    11/11: BFP! (surprise after thyroid & normal hsg),
    12/11: missed m/c after 7 week u/s, 1/12: D&C
    6/12 IUI#1-IUI #3: clomid = BFP!, C/P
    IVF #1(10/12) FSH 5.4, AFC: 16 long Lupron, 5R/5M/4F, all 4 made it to 5dt, 1 blast/1-8 cell transferred=BFN
    IVF #2(12/12)AFC 21, MD lupron, 4R/4M/3F, 5dt of 1 blast and 2-8cell. BFN.
    IVF#3(4/13) Natural start antagon protocol, 12R,11F. one PGS normal at day 6 transfer. BFN.
    IVF#4 (11/13) C.CRM (ODW.U normal 8/13 Still no Diagnosis) EPP/antagonist. ER 13R/7M/6F. Only 1 made it to freeze. Abnormal. Looking into options of DE, Fresh vs frozen.
    10/14 new local RE to look into what's next. CD3 FSH 4.7, AMH 0.9. Met with DE agencies and exploring options for feb/march 2015.
    Surprise natural bfp (4 days before donor is signed). Beta #1 at 9dpo: 51.8, 2nd beta: 195 (25 hours doubling) @11dpo. 3rd beta (12/15): 516 (35 hrs doubling) 4th beta(12/17): 895 (58 hours doubling) 5th beta(12/19): 2120. U/S at 5w0d(12/22): one gestational sac with yolk sac. U/S #2 (6w0d)12/29. One little bean measuring 6w0d with HR 124. 3rd u/s(1/4)7w0d: baby measuring 7w2d. HR 134. 3/30: A/S at MFM went great except for low lying placenta. Verifi results are normal! Team Blue! Please send any positive thoughts our way! EDD:8/24/2015
    Baby Will born 8/18. He's perfect.
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    Our total cost was $1850 for a Clomid IUI cycle. We are totally OOP. We also did a little shopping around and found this to be reasonable and according to this article it seems the average total cost is anywhere from $1200 to $2000.

     Good luck to you!

    TTC since October 2011. No luck yet :( But am learning lots and happy to share stuff we learn. Trying to Conceive Ticker
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