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Fall TV

What are you planning on watching this fall?

I'm not sure I'm going to start any new TV shows, probably will just keep up with show's I've watched in prev. seasons. (If we had DVR I might record a few to watch later).   I think DH wants to watch Revolution.

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Re: Fall TV

  • I cannot wait for the new seasons to start! I haven't seen anything new that really interests me yet. Maybe something will draw me in. I can't wait for my usuals though. NCIS both shows, Bones, and Grey's for starters. Then a bunch of comedies. So happy they are back and it's football season! I think I watch too much tv ha! 

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  • No new shows have caught my eye as of yet.  I think my H wants to check out Vegas.  I'm excited for my usuals: Hawaii 5-0, SVU, CSI.
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  • Vampire Dairies, Once upon a Time, Grimm, Copper, and I was also thinking of starting Revolution.

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