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Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

I have the monitor that I have never used but now I am trying to decide if its worth it to spend the money on the test sticks. Does anyone have any success stories using the monitor?

We are ready now to TTC after the MC and we really want to conceive asap but the sticks are expensive and I can only find them where you buy in a pack of 30. Has anyone seen smaller packs?

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Re: Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

  • I loved mine.  We tried unsuccessfully for 8 months and then a friend recommended the monitor.  You start the sticks after about day 5 through ovulation.  After a few cycles, it learns "your" cycle and you do not need as many sticks.  We were successful after 3 months with it.  
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  • I used mine for baby #1, we had been trying several (7) months with no luck and the 2nd month of using the monitor we got pregnant. The 2nd time around I found it a lot harder to keep up with (DD grabbing it, not peeing on it first thing, etc), and never did use it. I feel like it was accurate. I always bought my strips off of EBay. They were way cheaper. You would need a minimum of 30, anyway, and you can use the same box for your next cycle. I bought several boxes and used them, esp if you have longer cycles.



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