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Bad dreams?

Anyone else experiencing this? I am not the type that usually dreams or at least remembers my dreams but within the last week I have had two bad dreams involving the baby - one that I fell down stairs in a dark house and then felt the baby move all crazy like and the one last night was about resentment from the child after it was born and feelings of despair for having a child that hated me. I am assuming these could be stress related but it's just kinda weird.

Re: Bad dreams?

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    Me too!  I keep having all sorts of extremely vivid, bad dreams.  Some are baby related, many are not.  I've always been a very, very vivied dreamer,but some of the ones lately are ridiculous!

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    I think most pregnant women experience a form of 'bad' dreams or nightmares during pregnancy. I've had horrible ones myself some involving LO and some involving my furbabies. I told my OB about them and she said that its normal and to try and get a laugh out of the bad dreams or it'll stress me out. I tell my SO about my wacky dreams and he always makes me feel better.
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    Yeah, I've had a few nightmares lately too, but I'm not sure if it's pregnancy related or what.  

    The most recent was a dream last night about Dexter.  His sister teamed up with him and killed a young (innocent) girl in a pool.  He had to come along and finish up the kill because someone saw her dressed in a cop's uniform...I just woke up confused and thinking that partners aren't a good idea for Dexter.  So, a wtf dream and a wtf response to it when I woke up! 

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    I had one last night... it wasnt so much bad as it was really really weird... i had a dream that some how the baby came out the top of my somach like right under my boobs... first i could feel his head there then all of a sudden he was outside of me... not a full term baby but still big enough that he survived... i woke up clutching my stomach, it felt so real!

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