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What to buy a 1 year old

I have a 1 year old's birthday coming up, and even though I have my own child I have no idea what to get as a gift.  It has been a long time since I have been to a child's birthday.  In fact I think the last time I went to one I was pretty much a child myself.  

Would you buy a toy, clothes, books?  I worry about getting a toy because I worry that they probably already have it or someone else will get the same thing.  Clothes don't seem that interesting for the birthday boy - will a 1 year old care either way?  What would you like your DD/DS to receive for their first birthday? 

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Re: What to buy a 1 year old

  • I would want clothes and things he needed. I think at 1 year the kids are probably more into all the people, gift wrap, ect. than what the presents really are.
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  • 1st birthday- I normally give a couple of outfits and then pop beads. I figure the clothes are helpful to mom and the baby enjoys the pop beads. And have a ton of pop beads isn't a big deal.

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  • Honestly, if I'm close to the person I just ask what the child needs! That way I know I'm getting something they can use.

    If I'm not close to them I just get an outfit and a toy.
  • I would get clothes and a toy.  Parents & Birthday Kid will be happy.  Include a gift receipt so they can return the toy if they all ready have it.
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  • DD1 loved Little People blocks from 14 yrs old. Most kids have more of everything than they need. If youre not terribly close to the parents that's a safe bet. If you are you might ask if they have a college fund you could contribute to every bit counts. Even by 1 yr, DD1 had more of everything than she could ever use!
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  • I'm going to one in a few weeks and I bought a personalized book (one of those that has the child's name as part of the story), some PJ's (I figure a baby can never have too many PJ's), and some other odds and ends (headbands, leg warmers)...it's for a girl.  

    I stayed away from toys because I feel like I never know what kind of toys the parents like for the child and kids seem to already have so many...

  • Thanks for the suggestions.  I will probably just go with clothes and a toy.  I also like the personalized book idea.  I had one as a kid and loved it.
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  • If you're gonna go the personalized book route....Groupon has a deal on I See Me books right now.

    I just bought a voucher so I can get this for LO for her first birthday.  They have a really cute birthday themed book, I also really like the "Who Loves Me?" book.  I'm not sure if you'll have enough time to order, but they are really cute gifts.

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  • Thanks, I'll take a look.
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