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itchy rash on belly

So just a few minutes ago my stomach got really itchy and it seems to have developed a rash. It looks like a heat rash but it is itchy. I am going to go shower and see if this helps but is this just something normal? I am unsure of what this is!! FTM worries!
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Re: itchy rash on belly

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    They told me last time to use hydrocortisone cream or olive oil... neither really helped a lot. :)  Hope one might help you though!



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    Have you looked up PUPPPS? It's a pregnancy related rash that tends to start on your tummy.


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    I have the same issue except mine spreads to my extremities. A benadryl generally helps. I'm also going to be speaking to my doctor on Tuesday about PUPPS.
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    Have not experienced this personally as a rash but I have had extremely dry/itchy skin as I've started to expand in size! Lol i just try to apply a nonscented moisturizer each morning and night! I have heard "pregnancy rash" horror stories from some relatives that say the rash went just as quickly as it came once LO arrived! Hope you find a solution as we're only about half way through!
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