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Craving spicy foods but getting bad heartburn

It's a vicious cycle I'm in right now, ladies. I have been craving spicy foods all week while also having horrible heartburn pretty much all day, every day. I need to somehow resist my cravings because Tums are just not cutting it anymore! Terrible problem to have Crying
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Re: Craving spicy foods but getting bad heartburn

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    I'm exactly the same! DH reminds me every time I eat something spice how I had heart burn before. I definitely do remember how I get heart burn, but I just can't stop! 
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    I feel ya on the cravings.  Every meal is spicy right now.  Already planning on an epic mexican meal tonight.  Fortunately I've only gotten bad heartburn once, but I'm prone to it not pregnant, so I doubt my luck will hold out. 


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    I totally gave in and had hot wings! I drank a ton of milk and took some tums to ease the heartburn. I'm still feeling the burn though lol. 




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    I have craved mexican food through out my pregnancy and had no heartburn....until last week!! Two nights ago I made homemade chicken enchiladas and could barely eat one due to nasty heartburn....it sucked knowing there were more left (and I was hungry) but couldn't eat them!!


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