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2 kids one special needs and one on the way & worried

wondering if there other moms out there with the same concerns as mine, i have a 4yo son who is special needs "ie" does not talk or walk and a 10yo daughter, i am worried that i wont be able to meet all of their needs with a new baby coming into our family but am super excited to welcome our new son in jan. 2013 i just want to make sure all needs of each child are met to the fullest.... any one else share the same concerns?? or worried that they wont be the best they can... though i will do my best as a mother to make sure all are met properly....

Re: 2 kids one special needs and one on the way & worried

  • I don't have a "special needs" child but my son is 2 and won't talk and is anerexic. He refuses to eat only drink. He has been to multiple doctors including a eating clinic at hasbro. He has early intervention and a nutrishionist and my daughter is 7 months. I'm 15 weeks pregnant as well. I do my very best everyday but I feel horrible sometimes like when my son won't say hi to other kids. They ask if there is something wrong with him or why wont he say hi. I feel like it's my fault. I read to him everyday and have since I was pregnant with him. I use flash cards and we watch tv together. I try to get him to say words but he won't open his mouth, just make sounds with it closed. My daughter is the complete opposite. Been babbling since she was born and no problems eating. I'm sure you'll be fine. Your 4yo and a new baby will be hard but just know your not alone.
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