1st Trimester

Headaches like nobody's business

For the last 2 weeks, I have had headaches non-stop, I know that this is a common symptom.

Is taking tylenol everyday good? I'd like to just be able to tough it out without taking anything but there are days (like today) that it is just too much. 



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Re: Headaches like nobody's business

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    I hear ya.  I've had crazy headaches the last week or two especially.  I try to only take Tylenol when I can't take it anymore, otherwise I'd be taking it a few times everyday.  Basically when it hurts so much I can't go on with everyday tasks, then I take some.

     Hoping these headaches go away for both of us pretty soon.


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    I'm having the same problem. Headaches... all day every day. I really try tough it out when I can but I've definitely given in to the tylenol a few times. Feel better!
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    Have you tried switching your prenatal?  I've been reading about how some of them will cause headaches.  


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    Me too...thanks a lot hormones! 
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