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infant childcare care cost in/near Austin?

I just found out I am pregnant, and while I'm very very happy it is definitely a surprise.  My original plan was to go back to work after my ML (baby would be roughly 7-8 weeks old, sadly), but we are trying to figure out if it makes sense financially.  Does anyone out there have a very young LO in day care or home care or something similar?  Do you mind telling me how much you pay?  (So many of the websites do NOT list prices, or they have a huge range listed.)

I know many daycare facilities only take 18 mos and older, so I am aware that infant day care is much more expensive.  I'm just trying to get a feel for HOW much it costs in and around Austin (or Round Rock!).


Re: infant childcare care cost in/near Austin?

  • I don't have a LO yet, but I used to work at a preschool that accepted infants.  This was a few years ago, but at the time I think they were in the $750-$800 a month range.


  • I live south of Austin in Buda and there are 3 child care facilities here that take babies starting at 6 weeks.  They are ranging from $760 to $800.  That is where my LO will be headed if I can't find a home care provider in my area.  We are relatively new here so I dont know how to look for a home care provider but that would be my first choice.... hoping she/he gets less sick that way.

    Good luck!

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  • The daycare center DD was going to was $800 for the infant room and they just raised it to $850 a month. The center is in Georgetown.
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  • We were able to find a good homecare provider in Round Rock for $125 per week, which was a much better price than other daycare options we saw.
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  • everyone else found better prices than we did! we're in south austin, and our infant room was $985/month.

    when i worked downtown and looked at facilities there, the martin house had a room with 8-10 kids:2 teachers for $1000/mo. another room with 4 kids:1 teacher was $1200/mo.

    another one we found downtown at a church (but daycare was open to non-church goers) was running about $950/mo. 

    other friends of mine with babies in north austin were pay around $1000 and (gulp!) $1400/mo!!! 

  • Hello,

    I see that you used to work for a daycare that accepts infants and was 750800/mth. Can you tell me the name and contact information for this daycare? Also, where is it located?

    Thanks so much for your help! :
  • We live in Buda too. Can you suggest specific day cares for infants?


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