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I lurk often and figured I would come out of hiding.  I have one DD who is 15 months and had to do IUI for her.  DH and I were blessed it worked on the first try.  Now we are wanting #2. We have not used any form of BC since my DD was born.  So I have an appt. with RE on the 17th for consultation.  I am more nervous this time around.  I have PCOS and DH's SA shows low motility.  Glad to meet you all!

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    Welcome  - hopefully your second time having an IUI works as well as the first time!

    TTC #1** Went off BCP July 2011

    Me: 31 DH:31

    Jan 2012 Dx PCOS by OB/Gyn

    July 2012 - Tests with RE confirmed PCOS and annovulation

    2 rounds of clomid, 5 IUI's using clomid + injectibles. 

    Surprise BFP while on break cycle due to cysts.  It's a girl! Baby "E" born on Thanksgiving Day 11/28/13

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    Welcome! Best of luck on #2!
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    Welcome and good luck!
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    Welcome and good luck ttc#2!

    ~TTC#1 Since July 2011~ 
    Dx: Fibroids & Tubal Infertility
                                                        9/12 -IVF#1 =BFN; 5/14 -IVF#2=BFP:-) EDD 2.19.2015                                                

    S/PAIF Welcome 


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    welcome! GL! 
    ***************SIGGY WARNING***************
    DX: PCOS and Endometriosis 
    TTC since May 2011
    HSG normal
    Hubs SA- Normal June 2012
    Aug. 2012: 50mg Clomid: No Response
    March 2013: 100mg Clomid: No Response
    July 2013: 5mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    August 2013: 10mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    Natural cycles Sept & Oct.--BFN
    Nov/Dec: 10mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    Jan 2014: 10mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    Feb: Benched due to cysts.
    March: Benched w/cysts.
    April: Femara+Follistim+Ovidrel+Prometrium
    BFP on Mother's Day 2014!! 
    EDD: January 20, 2015
    6week scan: TWINS!!!!!
    16w: Baby A is Stubborn, Baby B is a GIRL!
    20 week scan: TEAM PURPLE!
    The babies were born on December 16, 2014 at 35 weeks! They are home and doing well!


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    Welcome. GL!
    Married my best friend in 2009
    TTC since April 2010
    Jan 2012 - Started IF treatment 
    Conceived our first angel during IF break, surprised with second (natural) BFP 2.5 months later. 
    May 2014 - TAC surgery 

    Trying to conceive our rainbow baby <3


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    Welcome back! Hope your appointment is a positive one.
    3T January Siggy Challenge: New Years Resolutions 
    TTC since 10/2010 (Rhythm method since 2007)

    Me (33) Sept 2012 - DX Low ovulation/progesterone, Luteal Phase Defect. HSG 5/2012: both tubes are open, cervix and lining look good;
    September 2014 DX Hashimoto's; November 2014: PCOS IR

    DH (37) Sept 2012 SA Normal; October 2014 Mild MFI count 42 Million, Motility 36%, Morphology 2%. Clomid 50mg,
    2004 Cyrosurgery, LEEP
    May 2012 - HSG Clear; June 2012 - Appointment with RE
    July 2012 - October 2012 - Clomid 50mg W/ TI & Progesterone 3 mature follicles- BFN
    January 2013 IUI #1 (900,000 post wash) Clomid 50mg, TI & Progesterone 2 mature follicles - BFN
    February 2013 IUI #2 (1.3 Mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, TI & Progesterone 4 mature follicles - BFN
    March 2013 IUI #1-3 (2.5 mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, Baby Aspirin (lining thinned) TI & Progesterone - 2 mature follicles BFN
    April 2013 Benched due to cyst, May 2013 WTF appointment
    June 2013 DH SA mild MFI break for 2 months to re-test; August 2013 - DH SA 36 Mil count, 36% Motility, Morp 2%
    September - December 2013 - Mental sanity Break
    January 2014 - IUI #4 switches to natural due to scheduling conflict Femara TI & Progesterone - 1 mature follicle - BFN
    May 2014-June 2014 - DH Appointment w/ Urologist to check Bi-lateral Varicocele; 2nd opinion w/ another urologist - bi-lateral varicocele dx is slight no surgery
    July 2014 DH starts clomid 25mg daily SA 53.8 Mil count, Motility 37%, Morph 3%;
    September 2014 DH Repeat SA after being on clomid for 3 months 42 Mil Count, Motility 36%, Morph 2%
    October 2014 Me: Hashimoto's DX, DH taken off clomid;
    November 2014 Me: new RE PCOS IR Diagnosis
    December 2014: IUI #4 Follitism 75iu 7 days, TI, IUI & Progesterone, BFMFN

    January 2015: IUI #5
    Gonal-F 75iu 7 days, TI, IUI & Progesterone, Another BFMFN onto IUI #6

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    Welcome and GL!
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