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Are any of you using baby sign language, if so how is it working for you?

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  • Not I.. last time I tried sign language was with this cute little deaf Korean girl I used to work with.. only my boss signed so when he was out of office it fell on idiots like me to try and communicate with her.  She was so sweet, love that kid... anywho.. lets just say laughing your ass off is the same in any language... and she had a lot of fun at my expense.. but we managed to communicate in one way or another.

    ..I still don't know what was wrong with my rubber chicken and reindeer... I thought I masterd those two pretty well personallyHuh? lol

    Try explaining secret santa to a deaf girl who doesnt speak/read English hahaha .. but I did it Cool
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  • A friend told me recently that she tried at 6 months and it didn't work so she read some more about it and found out that 9 months is a better time to start.  I'll probably keep doing some signs so when she's ready to start picking it up she will.  
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  • We have been using signs since 4 months. DD doesn't sign back, but I'm hoping that with continuous use, she will get it in a few months. I read they don't start connecting till 6 mo and can't really do it back till 8 or 9 mo. We started at 4 mo so DH and I would get in the habit of using them.
  • I have not started yet but plan to take a day class next month so I can get started on the right foot. My husband's cousin did it with both of her two kids and I think it was very helpful.
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  • In all my years in infant care, I never found it helpful. So we won't be doing it.

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  • My DH teaches sign language, so he really wants to use it.  At this point, the only ones we're using are signs for milk and more (usually in relation to playing).  He read that you're supposed to pick 6 to 8 signs that you want to focus on and use them regularly starting at around 4 months and that they should start to sign back by about 8 months.  We shall see!
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  • We did it with ODS. I think 6m is too early to expect anything. It was closer to 9/10 months that he caught on. That said, it wound up being more of a party trick than any useful way to communicate. He would sign "more" when we asked "more?" and when it was glaringly obvious he wanted MORE. The sign wasn't telling us anything he wasn't otherwise communicating, if that makes sense. I don't know if we'll bother with YDS.
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  • Yes, I have been signing since day one. It was already something I did on a regular basis so it came more naturally. He signs but not consistently. Right now I think it is doing more good by helping him make connections between words and people, or objects.

    The most common sign I see him do is cat (he loves our cats)...I'm not sure the oldest one has the same feelings. Smile

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  • I think I'm going to pick about five ASL and see how that goes.
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