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FINALLY went to the gym

today I finally went to the gym!!! I have been so lazy about getting back into shape and I just need to get started, I know once I start I will get to my goal!

I have been so unhappy with how I look, still wearing my maternity pants (belly won't go down anymore), and I don't want to be disappointed in myself and hating every picture I am in with babys baptism coming up, holidays coming up, and our wedding is next fall (hopefully)

I have 15lb. to loose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, but I am more concerned with toning my body. So my plan is to hit the gym for at least 30min during my lunch break (I get an hour) at work everyday, and eat a healthy lunch at my desk. and no more junk food snacking (my weakness..damn you vending machines!!!)

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Re: FINALLY went to the gym

  • Good job!! Keep it up! Just start small!!
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  • That's great!! I havent gone to the gym due to lazyness as well...ugh its so hard to find time for it. I gotta do it though! I want to lose 10 pounds! Send me some energy! haha Good luck! and keep up the good work!
  • yes definitely!!! and it is difficult for me to find time..which is why using my work lunch is perfect for me. And diets don't work well for me..I love to eat..I love food..and I love to eat whatever I want I know I just have to work out a little harder...but I haven't been doing any unhealthy snacking all week, which is good =)
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  • Good for you!!! I actually managed to get down below my pre-pregnancy weight, but I was about 60 lbs overweight when I got pregnant, so still about 50 lbs to go for me! I have yet to get to a gym, but I did attend a weekly yoga class that the college I work for offers for free, and will be attending that again this semester! I'm trying really hard to stop drinking soda and eating fast food! Keep up the good work!


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