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AW: She learned quick!

I'm so proud of DD!  We were having sleep issues.  She has almost always STTN.  Last week she started waking up 3x a night.  I'd feed her every time of course, figuring because she was teething and almost ready for solids that she was hungry.  But after a few nights she'd eat good at midnight, 2am and then at 4:30 she'd kinda suck but not eat.  So I finally clued in something was up.  She had it figured out if she cried, Mama would come to her rescue.  

Saturday night we tried a variation of the Ferber method.  When she cried I went to her bed and just rubbed her tummy until she was calm and relaxed and put on her Ocean Wonders.  

Sunday night she only needed her soother and Ocean tummy rubbing, and she only woke up twice instead of 3x.

Last night she only needed her soother, and only woke up once!  

I'm just proud of her :)  Please share your proud moments! 

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Re: AW: She learned quick!

  • Nice that was super fast!

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