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Learning new skills from others?

This past weekend, we were with family. We have a nephew that is 3 weeks older than our son. DS used to not like being on his stomach and would roll on his back as soon as you would put him on his stomach. Well his little cousin would play on his stomach and I think DS learned that it was ok. Now he likes being on his stomach and will roll onto his stomach from his back, which he wouldn't do before. Is there anything that your LO have suddenly done because they saw another do it?
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Re: Learning new skills from others?

  • Lil' Man picked up on all kinds of things once he started DC. Sitting up and crawling came alot faster than we expected them too.
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  • My LO discovered her feet after hanging all day with my friend's baby who is a month older who was grabbing her toes nonstop. So funny that they can teach each other at such a young age!
  • My niece and LO2 both picked up rolling, crawling, sitting up, standing up, etc. early thanks to LO1. He's apparently a good teacher ;]
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  • It seems like DS learns something new every day at DC. Squealing, babbling, patting things, all this I think he learned from the other babies, who are all older than him.
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