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Nauzene aka LIFE SAVER!

Hello Ladies,

I am sure you are already aware but Nauzene chewables (available at Walmart and other pharmacies) have been a life saver for my nausea. I switch it up with my zofran since zofran causes constipation :( and Nauzene doesn't I try to use the Nauzene as often as possible and it neutralizes the nausea in FOUR MINUTES!! How awesome is that, it's been great especially at work when every minute counts.

And yes, of course I asked my doctor and my pharmacists and both recommended it!  

Anyways, just an FYI in case any of you ladies are as desperate as I am to get this nausea under control :-) 

Re: Nauzene aka LIFE SAVER!

  • Thanks for sharing!  I hadn't heard of this before.  I don't have any nausea, but would like to be prepared in advance. lol   I'm lucky, the classroom I teach in is across from the bathroom... I've already loaded it with mints and air fresheners. lol
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  • I just sent DH to the store so I can try this.  I have been throwing up everything I eat for a month now.  I could use some relief!

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  • Thanks for the tip! I haven't had any m/s yet, but I'm glad to know this in case I need it!
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