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muscle spasms?

Ok so I am having these possible baby or possible muscle spasms on the right side middle of my pelvic area. I even felt them from the outside. So would you say it is too early to feel movement from the outside? If so, it is probably just muscle spasms.
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Re: muscle spasms?

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    Could it be round ligament pain? It is quick and sharp?
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    Hahahaha I know what you're talking about. I started feeling those at 14wks. I asked my midwife and she said that they could be the baby.

    I don't know about feeling the movement on the outside...it might be too early for that. 

    I'd write them down when you experience them and include the duration (mine were usually just a single moment). When you start to really feel your LO move, try to remember what these felt like and compare. I think that will give you the answer. It's so hard to describe how it feels when the baby moves; I think it's just such a personal experience :)


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    I've been having what I'd call "stretching pains" for the past few weeks. Just every once in a while in random spots I'll get a spasm or stretching feleling. I think that's what it is, my body stretching to make room for baby. 
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