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Free car seat canopy promo code!

Same as the first...

While supplies last, get the car seat canopy of your choice Reg. 49.95 FREE when you use promo code "USMAG35"
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Re: Free car seat canopy promo code!

  • Very cool!  You don't happen to know how long that code is valid, do you???  I'd love to order one, but would SOOO prefer to wait until 20wks (when we hopefully find out) so I could get one that's not gender neutral (like everything else we already have!)


    Myles was so pumped about the baby . . . until he figured out he'd have to share all his toys!!!
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  • I'm pretty sure this is one of those things that is "free" all the time. Like the Seven Slings.

    As a 2nd time Mom, I'll also tell you it's just as easy to throw a blanket over the handle/carseat. No need to buy anything fancy.

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