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Genitic Appointment Update

So my appointment went well... I live in MI so I get to go to Wayne State University to go and get testing done to fine out what type of CMT I have. They can not test the baby until I know what type I have. But my friend did get to come see the baby she was already at the hospital for another reason.... and we had a really great u/s tech! He was awesome! Explained everything he was doing and what we were seeing. So for now my worry has been put on hold until I go to the clinic and find out what I have.


Re: Genitic Appointment Update

  • I'm not really sure what your initials stand for issue wise but I wish you the best with diagnosis :)
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  • Wishing you the best at your next appointment! I'm glad you liked your tech! 
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  • So glad your appointment went well! Yay for a great u/s tech too :) 
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