Gush gush gush!

Ok, I've had a hard time with breast feeding, but I'm trying to stick with it!  LO is 7 weeks and initially she didn't latch correctly and I had really awful cracks.  Actually, they are still there but don't hurt as much anymore since seeing an LC.  So the pain is better BUT, on one side it's more than a crack, it's like an open wound...and despite prescription nipple ointment, it's just not closing up.  I think I might have an oversupply because that side is just always gushing...possibly because it's open???

 Anyway, I don't know what to do!  Is there something I can do to make it stop?  Seriously, I can't even nurse away from my house because my shirt has huge wet spots when I'm done.  And LO is also having a hard time because it's coming at her so fast.  She's a guzzler, but this is like too much for her to handle!  


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    I had this problem exactly! The ointment didn't do it for me. I did sudafed one time to lower supply with doctors prescription and then took oral antibiotics for a week and it finally started to heal. Dr said it wasn't healing due to infection. So I'd see a dr if I were you. Good luck! After I healed nursing became so my easier and more enjoyable!
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    I wear disposable breast pads all the time. That will stop the wet shirts.

    I also still have cracks from the damage LO did in the first weeks before a LC noticed his tongue tie and we had it clipped. For a long time it looked like they weren't healing. 3 weeks ago, I gave up on all the creams and started doing the salt soak from kellymom, followed by a vinegar rinse, followed by coconut oil, and then as much air drying as possible. I started seeing some dramatic healing after that. They're still not completely healed, but the ugly looking open sores are gone, the milk blisters cleared, and all the skin is pink and healthy looking. I'm just waiting for the sides of the cracks to grow back together all the way.

    Once things started to  heal, I started to see milk spray from normal parts of the nipple, not just milk oozing out of the cracks. 

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