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    Sounds completely ridiculous.  I'd be more concerned with the ingredients in the cocoa butter - making sure there aren't parabens or something else harmful that would seep into the skin when applying it every day.


    I would hope that the Palmers Cocoa Belly Butter does not have this being that it is advertised for pregnant ladies.... another thing I need to go check...just added more worry. Originally, I agree sounds ridiculous but then you followed it with more concern... going crazy!!


  • Cocoa butter vendetta....hahaha!!
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    This x thousands. What a crock of shiit.

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  • No. That is ridiculous.
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    Hmmmm, I googled it.  Apparently, there was some sort of study that found a correlation between the two.  It didn't say how controlled it was though or how valid it really was and how much other caffinated products the same mothers consumed daily. Wink  There appears to only be one study too.  However, google will reveal that this seems to be common advice given to women by their OBs.  Personally, I used some cocoa butter with DS and he came out fine.  I hated the smell of it though.  Olive oil always worked better for me.




    Correlation =/= causation

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