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  • I did the scan at about 12 weeks, all looked physically good with the neck area and nasal bone then they had me to blood work, only one set of blood work though, and they called me within 7 days to review scan took longer and the tech was so patient because baby was all over the place but the profile they needed. We had fun with it....cannot wait for my appointment this week for my mid-preg u/s and hope to get the same tech!

  • We did the sequential integrated screening. I had my blood drawn at about 11 1/2 weeks and then I went in for my Nuchal translucency ultrasound at 12 weeks and 6 days. After the ultrasound we met with a genetic counselor who gave us our results based on measurements from the ultrasound and the bloodwork we had done. It was wonderful to be able to hear the results right away.

    I will have the second round of blood work in a few weeks to complete the screening. 

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  • I did the 1st tri screening this time around and I had the labs done at 11 weeks (dr. said that way they would be ready when I had my u/s done). The u/s was about 30 mins and we got lots of pictures to take home (worth the visit right there for me). The gal tallied up everything she needed to and we got our results for everything on the spot (all was great!). I don't remember having a "harmony" test done and didn't have a visit with the perinatologist. I'm in CA so they may just do things a little different based on location.
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