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    My 6 year old has always been in full time care. Last week she started grade 1, and her schedule is 8:30-3:30 school and then after school care.  She is exhausted at the end of the day.  School is much more tiring than daycare or pre-K.  Even though she hasn't napped in 2 years, this schedule is going to take a lot of adjustment.  I would repeat the previous poster who said that getting enough sleep each night is suddenly much more important. 
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    My DS started pre-k this week at my public school. He goes all day and it is pretty much just like kinder. He did really well this week, he goes all day--and is with the same class all day with regular transitions to pe, library, computer, cafeteria and all assemblies and such for the entire school. He has been in daycare since he was 6 weeks old :) We are very happy with this move.

    He is responsible for remember his own backpack,getting his folder signed nightly, putting his snack in his back pack, and grabbing his lunch.  

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    It was still a big deal.  New rules, new kids, new teachers, bigger kids, rotating specials, longer instruction periods, fewer breaks ... it was a big adjustment. 
    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
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    It was still a big deal.nbsp; New rules, new kids, new teachers, bigger kids, rotating specials, longer instruction periods, fewer breaks ... it was a big adjustment.nbsp;
    Same for us. Ds2 just started public school kindergarden after spending his first 5 years at the same dc. He's doing great but it is a big adjustment.
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    DS started kindergarten 2 weeks ago and it has been a very positive change.  I was a little worried about the transition but he has been very happy. He started daycare at 5 mos old, btw.  For months we talked about how exciting it was that he was going to the big kids school. He would tell his pre-k teacher that he did not want to leave. 

    His new teachers have had to remind him to listen sometimes and he has been complaining that he has no friends. I emailed his teacher and she told me that he seems fine and plays with his classmates. He is always so happy at drop off and pick up that we think he is fine and he just does not remember names. 

    One of the biggest benefits is that now he does not get a 2-hr nap. He therefore goes to bed earlier and our mornings and evenings are sooooo much better. 

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    DD just started public kindie this year.  No issue at all.  She was actually excited to start the big school.  Different place, same old story.  The thing I think that has been the biggest adjustment is being with older kids, some of whom are fairly mean.  And the lunches in terms of bringing your own or learning to buy them.  DH was taking her in the morning and said on the 2nd full day, there were some kids crying but DD and others who'd been in DC were just fine and baffled by their classmates' tears.

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

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    Well, fast forward yourself and you have my situation right now :).  My daughter has been in daycare since she was one, and now she's almost five (end of September bday) and she starts kindergarten this week.  I'll have to let you know once we're in it a few weeks!

    The difference I anticipate most (and the one I like the least ;() is that she'll likely not get the same type of nurturing in Kindergarten as she has at childcare (which was also her preschool and pre-K once she grew).  There was an abundance of hugs and patience and I fear that won't be the case with school (because the teachers are apparently not allowed to hug the kids, which I get from a legal point of view but I'm willing to bet most kindergarteners still need hugs and there are likely a good number of "old school" teachers willing to give them-appropriately, that is). 

    The other difference I'm dreading is the schedule--until now, I've had some flexibility in her hours and days in/out.  I hate the thought of planning vacations and everything else around the school schedule!  If I was running late to daycare/Pre-K, not a big deal, but now it will be.

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    I forgot to add--emotionally, I'm a mess over this.  First, because everyone keeps quipping that she's too young (she turns five a week before the cutoff, but her pre-K teacher assures me she's more than ready), and the kids in her class look like they are ready for third grade, not kindergarten (everyone red shirts by me, apparently, and they  must feed their kids beef and potatoes twelve times a day, five days a week).  Second, because I just can't believe how quickly the time has gone--where did my screaming colicky baby go? :)  How is it time for Kindergarten already?! 
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