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    It sounds like normal discharge to me, but call your doc just to be safe... especially if you said it's happened 56 times.

    This!  If you really think it's your mucas plug then it's not something to ignore.  It's probably nothing, but better to be sure! 

    This.  My guess is just heavy discharge, but I would definitely bring it up with my practitioner if I were you.

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  • Its totally possible to lose it this early. I've had other pregnant friends lose theirs around 25-30 weeks, I lost mine last time at 36 weeks (baby came at 39 weeks) and my plug was just as you describe yours. Snotty, blobby, white/yellow that came out over about a week's time. It looked a little stringy/veiny as well. When I went in that week for my OB apt, I asked if that was my plug since I thought it was suppose to be bloody or brownish, he said nope, it not always is and yes my plug was gone. He told me just to take it easy for another week or two if I could but everything looked good. I would call your OB just to give them a heads up and they can make a note in your chart about it, but I wouldn't worry about it much. :)
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  • My doctor said that is normal. That you can lose it multiple times over and over agian.
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