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Medication and Pregnancy....

I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant and am having terrible anxiety about taking medication. I'm on a low dose Zoloft for anxiety disorder and am getting more and more worried that it may have negative effects on the baby. I know that having crazy panic attacks and anxiety over things that don't matter could also have negative effects. Anyone else have the same problem or worry? I feel alone!!


Re: Medication and Pregnancy....

  • Does your doctor know you are on it? I'm currently on 4 perscriptions for various reasons (insulin, thyroid, allergies) and my doctor is not worried that they will interfer with the development of the baby. As long as your doctor is fine with it, I wouldn't stress out about it.
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  • Taking care of you is the most important thing you can do during a pregnancy. If your doctor is aware that you are on certain medications and has given you the green light, you have done everything right.
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  • She does and doesnt seem worried.

  • Is this your primary care doctor or your OB? If it's your OB, then I think you have your answer. If it's your PCP, then let your OB know and go from there.

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  • I was told Zoloft is fine.  I had to get off of an extremely high powered anxiety medication (I went through withdrawls, it was awful) after my 8 week appointment and my OB told me she would put me on Zoloft if I had issues after getting off of my old medication. 
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  • Zoloft is one of the more accepted anti-anxiety meds used during pregnancy, and I think especially if it is a low dose there isn't anything you should worry about. The worry isn't good for baby either! I understand your concerns (I personally went off my meds for depression/anxiety for the same reason) but it sounds to me that even on the med you are struggling keeping your anxiety in check, so for sure stay on the med! Like PPs have said, as long as your OB says its ok, then try not to worry. Hugs...


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  • Thank you guys for the reassurance! It makes me feel better!

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