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My Fitness Pal is SO not my friend!

WTF?  I signed up for My Fitness Pal and based on my current weight and target weight, they gave me a daily calorie count of 1200 calories.  Um...I am only aiming to lose 8lbs total.  Can a real person live off of 1200 calories?! I thought 1500 was a low calorie diet?

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Re: My Fitness Pal is SO not my friend!

  • I do it sporadically (which is why I am still a fatass) and my daily allowance is 1320 calories and I thought that was insane! Bless your heart! Make those 1200 calories count, I guess! GL!

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  • It gave me about the same, 1210 calories per day.  I filled in that I was aiming to lose 10lbs (I was actually more concerned with just getting in shape, not the number).  But as you do any kind of exercise, it gives you more calories.  So if you sit on your butt all day and do nothing, you shouldn't have more than 1200 calories.  But if you go for a walk or something, it'll add on more calories that you can eat.

    I stopped using it after a day or two, though.  Calorie counting isn't for me.

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  • I must weigh more because I get 1320 to lose a lb a week. I typically work out so I can add that to my calorie count each day.

    It's freaking hard work to lose the weight I've gained. I'm a little over 5lbs til my goal of pre baby weight and then I would like to get a few more off just for the heck of it. It has worked for me though. I was stuck at about 10 to 12lbs over for the longest time and the scale wasn't budging.
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  • My trainer said basically the same thing as Woodsie. She also said to use it as a guide. If you go over one day, don't worry about it. It should be a guide not a bible. She said the same thing about weight watchers BTW.  She also said not to count the calories from fruit and veggies with the exception of corn and potatoes. 

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