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2nd Trimester

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BFP#1 on 02/14/09 BIRTH to Mason 6lb9oz on 10/12/09

BFP#2 on 5/28/11 EDD 2/1/12 Natural M/C on 6/13/11

BFP#3 on 1/20/12 EDD 9/30/12 Natural m/c on 1/27/12

BFP#4 on 4/23/12 BIRTH to Isabella 7lb1oz on 12/19/12


  • I am going through the SAME EXACT THING with DS.  We have all of his "baby stuff" in the room that shall become his sister's.  He keeps going in there & flipping out that it's his stuff and he doesn't want to give it to the baby.  I am hoping that he just gets over it, especially since he has sooooo many "big boy" toys. 

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    My friend was came over yesterday with her 2 mo old so I took out DS's rock n play and play mat for the baby to use while here. DS went crazy he didn't want to share so much and was trying to lay on the play mat with the baby and and when the baby wasn't in it he was jumping all over the things. Today he woke up and saw the stuff in the other room and said they were his. And he didn't want to share with his baby sister and got rather upset when I mentioned that we gave them to her since they are for babies and he is a big boy.

    We are planning on getting a new rock n play sleeper for her but alot of our baby gear we got gender neutral with the point of using them again for this baby and I am just worried now that he is going to be really resistant about it.

    Any advice on how to deal with this situation? Will he eventually get over it? I don't want him to resent the new baby for essentially "taking all his stuff".


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  • DS will just come up to me randomly and ask me to rock him like a baby.  He has me sing Rock-a-bye-baby to him  and he snuggles up with me.  DH and I feel like he thinks he is being phased out or something.  How can you possibly explain to a toddler that he's not going anywhere???  This is tough.... 

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    Having a new baby coming into the family is hard on everyone, however it is particularly hard on younger children who are being faced with the reality that they are not the baby any longer. Many children will regress in quite a few ways be it diaper use, sleeping in their parents bed or demanding a crib, some even want to start bottle/breast feeding again and being held or wrapped like a baby.  One way to handle this is to show your son, through activities with mommy and daddy or family, how amazing it is to be the "big" boy and not the baby. For example, allowing him to help pick out his own bedding for his big bed if he regresses back to his crib. If he regresses back to diapers, don't be too upset, it is usually a short term issue that fixes itself relatively quickly. Another way is allowing him the ability to "help" with the baby. Perhaps allowing him to feed the baby from a bottle (if you pump or FF) or helping to pick out a toy for the baby, clothes for the baby, or help with a diaper change. Essentially, making the arrival of the new LO about him!  It's an adjustment for sure, but one that will soon become the norm and at 3 years old, he won't really remember being an only child after some time.
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