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2nd Trimester


  • I have the first one,and it was great for the first month and a half. We then tried the Rock and Play and he started sleeping seven hour stretches starting that first night so we went with that (we tried it because he was collicky and worried about acid reflux, which it never was).

    This time, I'll probably use the co-sleeper for at least a month and depending on how he's sleeping stay with it or try and switch to R & P.


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  • We had the second one, the Original, which is as big as the standard sized play yards/pack n plays. We bought the MamaDoo Kids mattress topper for extra comfort and it worked great but then we bought a play yard for sleep overs and travel (being so portable) and realized we could have used the play yard all along (which has a bassinet/higher position and a bottom position for when the baby is heavier). Now we recommend our pregnant friends to get the play yard with the mattress topper (also portable as it folds in 3). Good luck!
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