Sleepy & very fussy!

We've been having issues with Bfing since the beginning. She usually doesn't latch properly so we've been having to use a sheild, even though I'm starting now to try and get her to latch without it since it's been a few weeks.

What started out as a few fussy hours in the evening is turning into all day shenanigans. She likes to nurse to soothe, and I've tried giving her a paci but she knows the difference between that and me so usually it just makes her more mad. The issue we have though is that when she's hungry she'll eat for a few minutes then pass out, but not enough to detach herself, so she'll stay on one side for up to 45 minutes (that's about where I draw the line with timing for one side). Even then I have to break the suction because she'll feel me trying to break her off and decide she isn't done. So after that she'll fall asleep for maybe 10-20 minutes then wake up in an ecstatic rampage being "starving" again. So I give her the other side. Rinse and repeat for about 15 hours a day. (I should mention she barely naps now too)

I've tried and done all the wake up techniques. If I pick her up to burp her then offer the second breast earlier on in the feeding she won't take it until she wakes herself up 15 or so minutes later.

I feel like she isn't getting enough milk fast enough and just grazes allll day long which is exhausting me and not really helping my ppd when I just want to get a glass of water or pee without her screaming.

 Advice? Anyone who has/had a baby with acid reflux does this sound like it could be that?

I'm just so frustrated and feel so helpless; I'm going to try to see an LC next week

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Re: Sleepy & very fussy!

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    I'm so sorry you're going through this. Sounds fairly similar to my situation with the constant nursing. I wish I had advice. But all I can offer is sympathy. Hugs.
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    Since you say her latch isn't good, could it be that she's swallowing air and that's making her fussy?  The air might make her feel full for a bit and fussy cause it hurts her tummy and then she's hungry again because she's getting air instead of milk? Maybe focus on getting a better latch...lots of aerola in her mouth and lips out. Just a thought because this is what we're going through for some portion of each day.  Hope it gets better soon and the LC will be helpful. Hugs!
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