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stroller question...

Hi ladies-

Does anyone who lives in the suburbs have the UPPABaby Vista? I LOVE the stroller and everyone who I know has it raves about it. But im wondering if its more of a city stroller. I live in the burbs and would use it for long walks, but also need to drive to the mall/supermarket, etc and wonder if its too bulky for that.

Re: stroller question...

  • I live in the burbs and LOVE it! It is all terrain so in many ways it's more of a suburban stroller than an urban one! I use it ain the mall all the time. Not too bulky! Sometimes it's hard to get through the aisles of baby gap but it's not that annoying. We love this purchase and just got the rumbleseat for DS to sit in it. So it's now our double stroller1
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