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clinging to 12w,0d (whiny vent)

I?m 12 weeks today. I have been clinging to 12 weeks, 0 days assuming that I would wake up today and magically feel better! I don?t remember the exact moment when I felt better with E, but I do remember our trip to Jamaica at 12w, 0d. I remember being nervous until the day we left about being nauseaous and not having access to food when I needed it. I wasn?t nervous about getting enough sleep because I was on vaca and could sleep whenever I wanted.

I remember being happy that the nausea was non-existent on the trip, (even the long plane ride was ok) save for a boat ride, but those always make me sick. I still didn?t have much of an interest in food, but at least I felt hungry when it was time to eat instead of nauseous. I also remember that although I was able to sleep in, I no longer needed a nap to make it through the day. And when we returned, the need to nap no longer existed at all.

So here I am at 12w, still needed naps and still feeling nauseous. I?m just so sick of being sick and tired all the time. I am really longing to feel better. So, I guess the new feel better date I am clinging to is 13w 3d, the official end to the first tri. Right around the corner, right?

Are there any dates you are clinging to in hopes for something?

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Re: clinging to 12w,0d (whiny vent)

  • Same boat but 12w0d was monday and I am still not quite up to speed appetite-wise... Though the naps are history - for a few months at least...

    Clinging to 2nd tri hoping I can start eating better - all that agrees with my stomach now is carbs! I am lacking in protein and veggies...

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  • Right now I am clinging to next Thursday in hopes that I made it past my latest loss.  I am completely terrified for my appointment and just want to know things are okay. I hope I keep feeling awful for at least another week because it gives me a slight confidence boost that things are okay. I just want this to be my take home baby.

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  • After my last pregnancy, I'm not counting on it!  Last time each week I would wake up so disappointed because I still felt sick.

    It's not really related to MS but I'm looking forward to passing 28-29 weeks.  That is when I was diagnosed with IUGR and this time they will be doing growth sonograms around that time to check.  I know I will be a nervous wreck, especially having to wait so far into my pregnancy.  


  • I was counting down the days to 12w0d, and it came and went and I kept feeling worse. Today I am 13w2d and actually feel okay... hoping since I am heading into 2nd tri this week that relief is finally on the way!

  • Since it's slowly getting better for me now, I just take it one day at a time. If I don't dry heave or vom... SCORE!

  • I was the exact same way last week when I hit 12 weeks and was seeing some improvement.  But this week when I hit 13 I have been the most miserable I have been the entire pregnancy to this point.  I keep telling myself that next week I will feel better again.....just have to take it day by day.
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