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Hello ladies.  I'm sorry it has taken so long, but i wanted to let you know the outcome of last week's lap surgery. I made the mistake of thinking i could go back to work earlier this week and that didn't even last a full day.  I was so sore that day and it really set me back a few days.

Good News is they found severe endometreosis.  I know that doesn't seem like it would be good news, but my dr said he is quite certain this is the reason IUI was not working for us (espeically considering i responded to the meds so well).  He said we have easily more than doubled our chances for sucess! 

As for the actual hurt! I'm not going to lie!  I am still out of work and on pain pills regularly.  The doctor said my recovery will take a bit longer due to the severity of the endo.  They found several small masses of the endo throughout my abdominal cavity, with the largest one located right by my rectum.  I had no idea it could even get in that region of my body.  But, now that its all gone, the dr said my bowel movements should become more regular and less painfull, and all around i will notice that i feel better.  He said he was pretty shocked to see how bad it was.  That although i showed symptoms, i did not show symptoms of it being that severe, which he said is the tricky thing about endo. 

Recovery has been slow.  I have 3 incisions across my belly.  The one in my belly button and on the left side are still very tender and that area of my belly is still swollen.  Dr said this is just since they did more removal in that area.  My rectum really hurt for several days, it literally felt like i had a cut, but that is pretty much all healed.  My plan is to go back to work on Tuesday.  Until then, i'm spending a lot of time reclined back because that is the most comfortable position.  DH has been a trooper and really helped in taking care of me, fixing meals and taking care of the dogs.  He's amazing.

That's it, didn't mean for this to get so long. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to give you an update.  I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to take a look back to see what i've missed in the last week and a half and hope to see lots of BFP's!  Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend!  Thanks!

4/12: HSG All Clear
5-1-12: DX of PCOS
5-4-12: DH S/A all normal.
5-16-12: Offically start IUI#1-->Clomid(50mg) + Trigger + IUI + progesterone supplements=BFN
IUI #2-same treatment-->BFN
July IUI#3-same treatment--->BFN
Aug 22, 2012-Laparoscopy Found/Removed extensive endometreosis.
September 2012-IUI #4-Same treatment as before. BFN
October 2012-forced break/Surgery to remove abnormal cells in left breast.
November 2012-First Injects Cycle (IUI #5)! 225IU Follistim CD 3-5, then monitoring appointment. 20+ follier & e2 >2000-Mild OHSS
December 2012-#2 Injects + IUI#6): Beta 1/18/13-BFN!
Jan 2013-Starting IVF!!! BC starts Jan 17/Lupron on Feb 13/Stims on Feb 18/ER on March 1 IVF Protocol: Lupron 10 units in am until stimms. Then 5 units of Lurpon in am, 150iu of Follistim and 1 unit of Menopur in pm. Holding dosage throughtout since response has been great. Thought we would be freeze all due to OHSS, but ended up getting more follicles then expected! 14 total!!! 12 mature and 11 fertilized. Dr calls for a 5 day transfer!! :) Will freeze remaining.
With Love & Strength, Hope Grows!
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Re: Post Lap Surgery

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    Praying for you and hoping that you get better soon. I had my lap 2.5 weeks ago and my 2 incisions are still tender so I know what you are going through. I hope that you have a very relaxing weekend.

    Me (30) my best friend (38)
    TTTC since "Jan 2011"
    RE appt april 2012
    Dx: PCOS and stage 1 endo
    S/A 19 million, 48 motility, 1 morphology
    6.1 progestrone
    HSG: tubes clear
    clomid 50mg + #1 IUI + trigger 6/9/12 BFN 6/18/12 Clomid 150mg +#2 IUI + trigger: 7/9/2012 BFN 7/18/2012 stage 1: endo removed 8/14/12
    Letrozole 2.5mg+estrogen=cycle cancelled for little to no response
    Follistim 75 (10/15-10/19) follistim 67 (10/20-10/21) cycle cancelled due to over response 9 follies and very thin lining
    ~ IVF #1:BC pills started 10/27~
    ~IVF class schedualed for 11/13~
    ~ Lupron starts Thanksgiving day~
    ~Stims start December 1st~
    ~ER: December 12th ~
    ~ET: December 15th~
    19 R. 12. Fertilized with ICSI, 2 transfered
    only 1 made it to freeze!
    Beta #1 12/27/12 (26)
    beta #2 12/29/12 (78.9)
    Beta #3 12/31/12 (149)
    Beta #4 1/4/13 (48)
    C/P on 1/4/13 @ 5 weeks and 2 days
    ~ IVF #2 ~
    ~ BC pills1/15-2/3~
    ~Lupron beings 1/31~
    ~stims start Feb. 9th~
    ~ER 2/21/13~
    ~14 R, 12 fertilized with ICSI~
    ~1 made it to freeze~
    ~Twin Boys Arrived August 31, 2013
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    P/SAIF Welcome~ everyone welcome
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    Rest up! I hear you on good news/bad news about the endo. Glad they got you all cleaned out and FX next time is the one! Feel better soon!
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    I'm glad your surgery is done and they removed the endo, that's great news! Sorry you're in so much pain, but I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of luck for your next IUI when you're feeling better!
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    Rest up and get well soon! Hopefully, you'll get that BFP really soon now!


    My Age - 41, DH's Age - 42

    TTC #1 since November 2011
    Dx: Endometriosis, Stenosis of the Cervix, Uterine Polyp, Hostile CM and Borderline PCOS
    Stage 1 Endo and Uterine Polyp removed and Cervix widened on July 9, 2012.
    IUI #1 Clomid 50 mg - 3/6/13 BFN
    IUI #2 Clomid 50 mg - 4/3/13 BFN
    IUI #3 Clomid 50 mg - 10/4/13 BFN
    IUI #4 Clomid 100 mg + HCG trigger - 11/2/13 BFN
    Cycle #28 - Clomid 100 mg + HCG trigger + TI (IUI #5 cancelled) - 2/5/14 BFN
    IUI #5 Clomid 100 mg + HCG trigger - 3/5/14 BFN

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    I'm so sorry your recovery has been so slow, but that's awesome that DH is there to take care of you! I'm sure its a relief to finally get some answers as to why you haven't been able to get pregnant yet, and it sounds like your prognosis is good from here on out.

    Enjoy your labor day weekend, too!
    Me: 37, DH: 35 :: TCC since 2/11 SA: Perfect! CD3  HSG = Blocked Right Tube
    April- Femara 2.5mg + Trigger + IUI = BFN   May- Femara 5mg = CX - No Response on Left = BFN
    June- Femara 7.5mg + Trigger + IUI = BFN  August- Lap & Hysteroscopy = Blocked & Partially Blocked Tubes
    September- Femara 5mg = CX - No Response on Left = BFN  October- 100mg Clomid + Trigger + TI = BFN
    IVF # 1: Stims 11/30 ER 12/12/12! (10R, 10M, 8F, 2T, 6 F) :: Beta #1- 176  c/p @ 4w4d
    FET #1 February 26th :: Lost 4 to Thaw, Transferred 2 = BFFN
    IVF # 2 Stims 5/10 ER 5/21 (15R, 13M, 13F, 2T, 7F- 6d3 & 1d5) :: Beta # 1- 15 c/p @ 4w
    FET #2 Cancelled, Right Tube Developed a Hydro  8/28 Hydro & Scar Tissue Removed  Cleared for FET
    FET #2.2 Scheduled for September 20th
    2 Thawed, 2 Transferred! Beta #1- 96, Beta #2 906! :: EDD June 10th
    2015- 2 failed FET. We are done
    SURPRISE! BFP 8/8/16   EDD 4/1/17

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    Rest up! Glad they were able to get the endo out.
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    TTC since 10/2010 (Rhythm method since 2007)

    Me (33) Sept 2012 - DX Low ovulation/progesterone, Luteal Phase Defect. HSG 5/2012: both tubes are open, cervix and lining look good;
    September 2014 DX Hashimoto's; November 2014: PCOS IR

    DH (37) Sept 2012 SA Normal; October 2014 Mild MFI count 42 Million, Motility 36%, Morphology 2%. Clomid 50mg,
    2004 Cyrosurgery, LEEP
    May 2012 - HSG Clear; June 2012 - Appointment with RE
    July 2012 - October 2012 - Clomid 50mg W/ TI & Progesterone 3 mature follicles- BFN
    January 2013 IUI #1 (900,000 post wash) Clomid 50mg, TI & Progesterone 2 mature follicles - BFN
    February 2013 IUI #2 (1.3 Mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, TI & Progesterone 4 mature follicles - BFN
    March 2013 IUI #1-3 (2.5 mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, Baby Aspirin (lining thinned) TI & Progesterone - 2 mature follicles BFN
    April 2013 Benched due to cyst, May 2013 WTF appointment
    June 2013 DH SA mild MFI break for 2 months to re-test; August 2013 - DH SA 36 Mil count, 36% Motility, Morp 2%
    September - December 2013 - Mental sanity Break
    January 2014 - IUI #4 switches to natural due to scheduling conflict Femara TI & Progesterone - 1 mature follicle - BFN
    May 2014-June 2014 - DH Appointment w/ Urologist to check Bi-lateral Varicocele; 2nd opinion w/ another urologist - bi-lateral varicocele dx is slight no surgery
    July 2014 DH starts clomid 25mg daily SA 53.8 Mil count, Motility 37%, Morph 3%;
    September 2014 DH Repeat SA after being on clomid for 3 months 42 Mil Count, Motility 36%, Morph 2%
    October 2014 Me: Hashimoto's DX, DH taken off clomid;
    November 2014 Me: new RE PCOS IR Diagnosis
    December 2014: IUI #4 Follitism 75iu 7 days, TI, IUI & Progesterone, BFMFN

    January 2015: IUI #5
    Gonal-F 75iu 7 days, TI, IUI & Progesterone, Another BFMFN onto IUI #6

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    I had a very similar situation but unfortunately for me the endo was blocking my left tube and had to be removed. The goods news is that you are all cleared up. I don't know how much you suffered before but I did find the surgery to make a big difference in my health. Best of luck to you!
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