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  • In my experience, first come first served. I would tell you to honor the meeting with the first person who responded, and then if they no show/no call, contact the next person who replied and so on. Then, once it is sold, remove it from the site, and reply saying it's been sold and thank you for your interest! 
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    I have my CitySelect listed on Craigslist and got one response right away... seems fairly legit. I emailed back and forth and set it up to have her look at it on Sunday. Overnight I got 3 more responses, all wanting to see the stroller today. I let the first lady know about it and tried to contact her to see if I could meet with her today since she responded first. Is this apporpriate? I didn't realize that this was in such demand and now I have to CHOOSE who to sell it to? Yikes! Anyone have experience on Craigslist... Any advice? TIA!

    I personally think you should honor the commitment you made to the first person to let her see it when you planned.  If that falls through, obviously you have other options.  It is perfectly appropriate (and happens ALL the time) to tell the other parties "Someone is coming to see it on Sunday, if that falls through I will let you know".   I have done that and had it done to me multiple times....and I respect the seller for honoring what they said to the first person that contacted them.  I think it is poor form personally to go back on your word just because you have others who came along after the fact with open schedules today.   

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