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Dropping in to say hi and really need to just get a bunch of thoughts off my chest. My LO is only 2 weeks old and I'm already thinking about what I'm gonna have to go through emotionally and prepare for when I go back to work. I was such a career-minded person before getting pregnant and now I really don't know what or how I feel about work anymore. I know I need to go back but already I've heard of so much getting changed up in the time that I've been gone. If I could, I'd love to be a SAHM or maybe just with a PT job, but if I was SAHM I really don't know what I'd do with myself. I think I would go crazy. Yes, it's also a full time job, my own mom did it with me when I was growing up, but being a FTM also, I'm having a real hard time of getting over this hurdle of I don't need to hold my baby 24/7 or sit and watch him doing only that 24/7. In these early weeks I've expected my life to revolve around diaper changes and feedings, but I still feel like I can't get anything else done unless it involves him. And that's I think why I feel like I wouldn't be able to go back to work or stay at home all the time. Can someone tell me that it will be easier as the weeks go by? That I will adjust and figure out ways to incorporate household chores and work life into my new life with a baby? I'm not the only one who feels like this, right? I don't feel like I do, but do I need to seek professional help? (<-- I can laugh at myself about that so I hope not)

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