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    Over 1500 employees at our location. I heard him say my name in a hushed phone conversation twice...the next morning the status of my application had changed from "under review" to "no longer being considered for this position." I've been checking the status every day since my phone interview, so I find the coincidence a little hard to believe.

    I also believe he's done this or very similar for at least 3 of the 10 other positions I've applied for since February/March. I was interviewed in person for 2 separate jobs in 1 week. I thought the interviews went great and I expected to be offered both positions. Neither one offered. One told me they wanted someone with more supervisory experience (which I can go for) and the other gave me a canned BS explanation to "learn as much as you can about the different areas of 'Company.' "

    Like I said, I have no concrete proof that would get him fired, but I am clearly of interest to other groups for my experience...and then I get the cold shoulder.

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