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Poor MIL

She's having the worst summer.  She spent a week or two driving back and forth from their cottage (where they live all year, about an hour away from the city) to the hospital when FIL had his heart attack and triple bypass.  He was home for a couple of weeks, unable to drive or do much around the house so she was taking care of it all, when her mother went into hospital.  So then she was doing the daily drive back and forth to the hospital again, until last night when her mother passed away.  MIL is exhausted from all the driving back and forth and staying late at the hospital the last couple of nights.

MIL hasn't complained at all about any of it and has handled it all extremely well, but this must have been the summer from hell for her.  Her 3 brothers don't live near here and aren't much help, so all the arrangements and everything are going to fall on her, too.  DH says that she does really well with one stressor, but tends to snap when something else is added onto it so I'm hoping SIL keeps the news of her ex's proposal quiet for a few days at least.

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Re: Poor MIL

  • That does sound awful...maybe you guys should get her a spa card and tell her that she deserves some rest and comfort from her grief and stress...Just a thought.  If that is too expensive I bet if your DH wrote her a little note and gave her some flowers it would also mean a lot. 
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