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2nd Trimester

Feeling kinda guilty

So I had BAD viral conjunctivitis for two weeks in both eyes, immediately followed by bronchitis, immediately followed by a stomach virus, and now I still have a lingering sinus infection. It's been a LONG three weeks.

All that time, I took nothing except maybe a couple Tylenol at one point for a mild fever.

My sinuses are so bad right now, though, that my jaw and ear hurt. So I caved and took some Sudafed, which is on my doc's OK list but which is still category C. I simply could not take the illness anymore.

I feel terrible. Actually, my sinuses feel somewhat better, but I have terrible medicine head (which I hate), and I am feeling guilty as crap about taking pseudoephedrine being pregnant. 


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Re: Feeling kinda guilty

  • Every single pregnant woman I know that has taken sudafed while pregnant and not one of them have had any problems. :) don't feel guilty! 
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  • My OB's list says sudafed is ok after the 1st trimester, so you should be fine


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  • Don't feel guilty. I had the cold from Hades during my second month and the only way I could breath was with Sudafed. I could only take if for two days however since the active ingredient, pseudoephedrine, made my heart race and I hated that feeling.  Now, I get to my 2nd trimester and get slammed with migraines! I put up with them for 6.5 weeks before finally talking to my OB about options, and it all came down to three medications:

    1) was linked to small birth size (um... no!).

    2) I had taken before pregnancy and knew that I felt like a zombie on it, so no thanks.

    3) Vicodin.

    Vicodin! She had to be kidding, right? No, actually this medication had the least amount of side effects and could be taken only during the worst part of a migraine as opposed to three times a day for the duration of pregnancy.  My OB then informed me that though she herself is very anti-medications, she had to break down and take Vicodin for a whole month in her last pregnancy for a severe sinus infection.  Needless to say, I broke down and took a pill (then cried for an hour because I felt so guilty) but it did help and if I have to I will do it again. 

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  • Don't feel guilty... your body is going through enough without illness on top of it!  If you take only the recommended dose and only when you really need it, there's absolutely nothing to worry about.  I took safe-list allergy meds while still in my first trimester and everything is perfectly fine.
  • My doc said "Better that you breath. If you don't get enough oxygen, your baby could be seriously damaged."

    I took my inhaler and the sudafed. 



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  • Thanks, ladies. I did one day of the Sudafed and hated the feeling. At the point my jaw started to hurt, I went in last night and found out that I actually have a pretty bad infection in there and needed antibiotics. So I am on those now and looking forward to getting better -- and best of all, I can stop the Sudafed. At least amoxicillin is category B.


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  • No worries... my mother is a midwife and she says Sudafed is okay. Besides, you took it when you needed it, and that's all. You're not cookin meth or anything ;) It's important to take care of yourself!
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