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    He pretty much clams cord right away and also because of hospital policy I have to have an IV and CFM but I can still walk around and labor however I want. My problem is this: He sort of said you have to have internal exams starting at 35 weeks. He made it sound like I have no choice. I don't mind I guess. I am just worried about one thing: CAN HE STRIP MY MEMBRANES WITHOUT ME KNOWING? I guess I am worried he will be sneaky and try to intervene if I am dialated. What are your thoughts?

    Uh, either you have a problem with a provider doing something you have a right to refuse, or you don't. It sounds like you don't want internal exams, which is totally fine. But your provider does want to do them - which is a sign you're going to the wrong provider. And also means, if he's willing to tell you that you have to have internal exams, what else is he going to insist on during labor? 

    Re: IV and CFM - you can push back and refuse both of those. If you are a low-risk first-time mom, having a saline lock and EFM are both reasonable and have been shown by studies  as being not only safe, but associated with better outcomes. 

    Find a new provider, no question!

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    image BBhopes15:

    Thanks for the answers ladies. He is a solo practitioner. I guess I am worried about him dropping me if I refuse internals and then what? I am still going to check hospital policy about IVs and CFM.  

    I have considered meeting with the MWs but I guess it makes me  nervous working with 6 different MW then just 1 doctor. Part of me feels like I should have done my research sooner!!!

     Argh! I just feel so confused! 

    I don't think he would drop you for that, but does that worry you that he's so set in his ways that he might over something so little?

    What's your concern about having 6 MW?  I had 8 MW last time and 5 this time, maybe there is a question I could answer for you pertaining to my experience.

    And it's not that late in the game, you still have time to research all this if that's what you want to do!  Good luck!

    Yeah, if you're this worried about what he's going to say about you refusing something, that's another sign you're going to the wrong provider.

    It's never too late to switch. 

    Are you worried about getting a new MW during labor? Chances are high that all five of them are on the same page - they all support low-intervention birth, etc. They might have a meet-n-greet scheduled before your baby is due, or have a free consultation - it never hurts to just go check them out. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

    DS1 - Feb 2008

    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

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