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    I wouldn't dare try it but I would absolutely shop around.  When looking for a preschool/ daycare for my son a year ago I asked at 10 different places and received a huge range of prices.  The local 'chain', largely regimented preschool was one of the most expensive at almost 300/ week - requiring full time attendance and honestly it felt too institutional for a  2 year old. We're in So Cal so things are more expensive here as a rule but I felt that was too high (couldn't have afforded it if I wanted) and I didn't want my son in daycare 5 days a week to start.  Searched and searched until I found a family run but state certified daycare.  Mother/ daughters team and they're all certified preschool teachers running a preschool out of a historic house in our downtown area - literally 50 feet from my office door.  Since it's a more 'family' style business I got a KILLER rate of $40 a day with the option to send him whatever and however many days I wanted.
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