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Labor Day Weekend Plans

Just curious how everyone is spending the holiday weekend, any fun plans?

My college roommate will be in town with her fiance, she moved out of state and I haven't seen her in over a year, so I'm taking the baby with me to visit her on Sunday.  Other than that we are just planning on grilling and going to the pool.

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Re: Labor Day Weekend Plans

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    Maybe a local kiddie 'amusement' type park on Saturday.  Definitely heading to the cottage at some point though, supposed to be glorious again this weekend.  DH due home after an 19 day trip on Sunday.  yay!
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    I took a couple extra days off. Tomorrow is a mommy and LO day since his school is having an in-service. We're going to do a mommy meet up at a park to walk around, getting a haircut, picking up a wedding gift, and swimming. :D Then, tomorrow night we go on LO's first flight (3 hrs) (YIKES!) We're headed out for a wedding, and visiting with friends...then back home Tuesday to celebrate DH's birthday at home. So excited! 4:00 can't come soon enough!
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