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BB fans, don't you think....

...that this is turning into one hell of a season?!  I hated it at first-the whole coach's thing was not doing it for me, but the last few weeks have been thoroughly entertaining.  And tonight's episode?!  Genius!

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Re: BB fans, don't you think....

  • I haven't watched the episode yet but I'm guessing you mean Dan's big move? Aside from that, this cast has completely been boring me!
  • BB= big brother.

    So I don't watch the show but my FB feed was full of comments like, "Dan you are an azzhole." and "Dan you are a genius" and because I am a little weird in the head I started picturing DD's toy giraffe (who is named Dan) getting up to mischief in the BB house. 


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  • Yeah, that was crazy!  I am sad though.  I hope Britney doesn't go home.  Her and Shane are my faves. 

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  • This has been such a crazy season. I do really like Britney, but for Dan to pull that off, pretty impressive!
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  • I've been watching after dark (benefits of still being at home) and Britney isn't even trying, which pisses me off. So she is definitely going. 
  • I caught pieces of After Dark earlier in the week, so I knew Dan had been vetoed and Britney nominated before last night's episode.  I had no idea how it all went down, though.  Britney is actually my favorite, so I am sad to see her nominated, but I have to hand it to Dan for pulling it off.  It does piss me off that Britney isn't even trying, though, because I think she could get the votes to get Danielle out.  Danielle is worthless, in my opinion. 

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  • I have to agree. Although I think the people are duds, in general... last night's episode (and Wednesday's) were "epic" in terms of reality competition TV.  There are floaters as there always will be, but the few people who are actually playing are PLAYING.  It's entertaining.

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