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    It depends entirely on the company and your boss: I have a friend whose husband got a job that moved them across the country when she was newly pregnant, so she was interviewing at about the same stage as you.... probably only a couple of weeks before her belly became apparent.  She chose not to tell and was SUPER-nervous, but her boss was really supportive, and she's back at work now with a happy, healthy family.

    Personally, I got my BFP the day after I accepted a new position (I had not suspected the pregnancy during the interview process), so I waited a couple of weeks to try to make a good impression before dropping the news on my boss. Though I was also really nervous, he was great about it, as well.

    Had this happened at my last job, my boss probably would have found a reason to fire me, because he was an a$$hole. Hopefully, the people you're working for will be mature about it, but you certainly shouldn't feel guilty for not telling. Unfortunately, that's what we're incentivized to do, and I don't blame you for not wanting to take the risk. I hope you get the job, and if you do, just try to wow them before you spill the news! Good luck!

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