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Mrs.RockyM (Fresh Beat Band)

Hi!  The band is playing at Monmouth University next Friday.  They must have just announced it because we were able to get tickets pretty easily (StubHub).  We paid 50/ticket, which I thought was relatively reasonable given they were a lot higher for previous shows and sold out at 200/ticket (which I would NOT pay, despite how much we love our daughter)!  They have an afternoon show and a 6:30 pm show.  They have a lot of tickets at the higher prices, too. Good luck!

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    I'm thinking a trip during the week might not work, but thanks for the information.  Last time they toured my mother tried to get my sister and I tickets at the garden state arts center (or whatever it's called now) and they sold out in like 2 hours!  And you're right $50 a ticket is a pretty good price!  Have fun!!!
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