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DC center - WWYD?

The teachers in the infant room at DS school have moved to the 1 yr old classroom, which will be great when he's 1 because they're really fantastic. The new afternoon teacher seems nice (although I did p/u DS and he was in his crib napping with what was clearly not a new blowout, but it was a one time thing so far so, meh). Maybe this is just a transitional thing but this weeks 2 dropoffs have been pure chaos. There were 7 kids in the room, the new teacher (who I just met today) pretty much ignored me until the other parents had left, they had another teacher in there so 3 of the kids were hers and she left shortly after we arrived, at which point they called the front to ask for backup because she would be over the limit by 1 kid with DS. This happens at least once a week and I always wait until the backup arrives. I'm a little freaked out because Monday the old teacher was there when I dropped DS off and she made a comment about "Yeah they still need to find another permanent teacher because I'm supposed to be in the 1 yr class" and today apparently the 2nd teacher doesn't arrive until 8:30.... I'm supposed to be able to drop DS off anytime after 6:30am, usually we're there about 7:30-7:45 but I'm wondering if I should be talking to them about whether I need to drop off later so they can have their sh!t together. It just starts the day badly to feel like I'm leaving DS in a mess and I start back to work FT next week so I'm not sure what to do, wait and see if it gets better or bring it up now? Is this normal with other folks DC?  Its also tough because there will be days when I need to drop off earlier so I can get to meetings at work and if they can't be ready for 7:45 (which was never a problem before) how they are going to handle DS an hour earlier... I dunno. Just not sure if this is a  red flag or not. They apparently had some big issues with stability of the staff in the 1 yr old room which is why the infant teachers are transitioning but I'm nervous its at the expense of the infant room stability. DS has been doing really well but it all just makes me feel pretty uncomfortable.

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Re: DC center - WWYD?

  • That's worrisome.  It doesn't sound like things are going to change any time soon.  Have you talked to the director about it? 
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  • imageKaren1998:
    That's worrisome.  It doesn't sound like things are going to change any time soon.  Have you talked to the director about it? 

    This.  Absolutely this.


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  • Bring it up now. Don't wait. If they can't get their sh!t together, find a new place.
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  • Thanks ladies - I haven't talked to the director yet, I know they are transitioning but and the upheaval is hard but... before you send the good teachers away, sheesh get a replacement. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow.
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