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  • There should be no reason she can't stay on tricare prime. Its not at all uncommon for military couples to live apart be it during deployments, special training, schooling whatever. I lived in northern VA with my parents for a  while my husband was stationed in NC. It was no problem. I would just call your tri-care region to help get you an assigned PCM where you are now
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  • From the Tricare Prime Remote website:


    Family Member Coverage
    Family members must reside with the sponsors to enroll. If you have family members who live in a separate location from the TRICARE Prime Remote-enrolled sponsors, they may enroll in TRICARE Prime if its offered where they live or they can be covered by TRICARE Standard and Extra.



    What I can't find from the website is what happens if a MM lives in a military area and the family member doesn't.  It sounds as though Prime Remote might not be a possibility and that you will have to enroll in Standard.  But I am no expert.

    Your friend needs to call a Tricare Service Center (not the appointment line) ask the very specific question of "I am in a remote location and my sponsor is on a military base.  Can I enroll in Tricare Prime Remote in this case?" 

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