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Sore boobs.....

When did yours start killing? I'm 6 weeks and they are hurting, but I remember them being much worse with my Ds. 

Re: Sore boobs.....

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    During my first they weren't really very sore, or I wasn't really noticing if they were sore. But this time around OH man! Lets just say I keep it slightly warmer in side just because my nipples are SO tender right now.
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    My boobs started hurting before I even tested positive. Probably around week 3 after my LMP. One thing my sister told me was to not go braless when pregnant to help avoid sagging, but I haven't wanted to go braless because they hurt so stinking badly!!!!! Nipples are fine. The boobs are just getting big(ger, I'm a D when I started) and are very tender. Sports bras are my friends.
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    I'm 5 weeks today and for the past few days they have hurt terribly, mostly on the sides. I can't sleep on my side anymore without waking up to them throbbing. Hoping it won't be like this for too long!

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    That was my first symptom! I was running up and down the basement stairs to feed my cats, and I remember thinking WTF, my boobs have never hurt like this before! I took a test within the next couple days... positive! They still hurt, but I'm sure the worst is yet to come.


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    Mine have progressively gotten worse and today is the absolute most painful.  Wearing a bra is painful.  Going down stairs is painful -- so much so that I took the elevator down one floor at work today.  Pathetic!
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    Mine were super sore from 6-8 weeks...they are very tender, still but those two weeks were just killer.  I would be at work walking & have to stop and clutch my chest...and I don't really even have big boobs but they are certainly growing lately. 

    I've been wearing softer, padded bra's but I wonder if underwire would maybe be better? Anyone have a thought on that? I'm about a B cup now... 

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    Last time mine were killing me by 5 weeks. I tested positive today and now they are filling in and getting sore.
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    I started out at a Dcup, and now at 8 weeks I'm already a DD. I wear a regular underwire bra AND sports bra every day. And I have to sleep in a sports bra or else I wake up every time I roll over in pain.

    I don't remember it being this bad when I was pregnant wiith my 4 year old... ugh!

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