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  • Hi! DH and I are currently preparing for our first FET. Our first fresh cycle ended in me getting severe OHSS do we froze all 10 embies. My RE said that there is a lot of studies coming out that show FETs actually have great results because they can focus on making your lining perfect. We'll see if it works for me... GL!
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    Been with DH since 01/2003

    Married 07/24/2010

    Began TTC 07/2011

    4/2012 DH DX with Retrograde Ejaculation

    5/2012 1st IUI, 100mg Clomid, Only 1 Follie - BFN

    6/2012 2nd IUI, 150mg Clomid+Menopur, 18 Follies (yikes,too many!!) and Mild OHSS - Cancelled

    8/2012 Begin 1st IVF, Menopur+Bravelle+Ganirelix

    8/11/2012 ER, Holy Crap we had 31 eggs!! Developed Severe OHSS - Delayed with 10 Frosties

    9/2012 Begin 1st FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    9/13/2012 1st FET, 2 Beautiful Embies... 9/25/2012 Beta - BFN

    10/2012 Begin 2nd FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    10/26/2012 2nd FET, 2 Beautiful Embies...11/7/2012 Beta - BFP

    ...1st Beta (11/7): 251...2nd Beta (11/9): 618...3rd Beta (11/15): 5,870

    ***PAIF/SAIF Welcome***


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