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Frustrated about HSG, any of you know what the OOP cost is?

I had a monitoring u/s yesterday and they called me after to say that there is fluid in my left ovary which could indicate a blocked tube.  I told the nurse that I had inquired about having an HSG done, but was told that my insurance wouldn't cover it until I had ovulated for 6 cycles.  That seems ridiculous to me because in 9 months I got my period once, so the only way I ovulate is to take Clomid which is a complete waste if my tube is blocked...The original plan was to do 3 cycles and if I wasn't pregnant to do an HSG and talk about IUI (I am assuming).  My RE is away until after labor day, but I am going to call and talk to her nurse about everything this morning.  Of course my lead follicle is on my left this time (last time it was on the right) so now I am feeling like this cycle is a bust, which it definitely is if my tube is blocked.  For you OOP ladies, did you have an HSG done, if so, what was the cost?

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Re: Frustrated about HSG, any of you know what the OOP cost is?

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    I'm OOP and my HSG was $500.  That's crazy that your insurance would cover it after you ovulate for 6 cycles.  I've never heard of that.  Good luck!

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    OOP cost at my RE in Atlanta is $1,007.
    Me 28 DH 29 ttc since January 2011 CD 3 b/w showed elevated TSH and prolactin CD 21 b/w confirmed ovulation 1/2012 diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and started Synthroid S/A awesome count and motility, kruger morphology 5%, low end of normal but RE said this is fine HSG June 2012 - All clear IUI + Clomid Round 2 worked!!!! BabyFruit Ticker
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    Mine was $895 and I had it done in MIchigan.
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    Mine was over $700 with insurance, but it was because I had to meet the $500 deductible and then it was 80/20.
    Me 27 DH 29 Married since 2007, together since 2001
    Off BC since Febuary 2006 3 Clomid Cycles in 2008- symptomatic, US just showed a tilted uterus, otherwise normal, HSG normal.  DH has an ejaculatory duct obstruction and a congenital absence of the vas deferens.  This is common with cystic fibrosis carriers, but he doesn't have cystic fibrosis. IVF #1 with TESE/ICSI (Antagonist protocol) Aug 2014=BFN (poor embryo quality)   IVF #2 ICSI long lupron protocol November 2014
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    My insurance covered it, but I originally received a bill due to a billing mistake.  The total cost on the bill was $1500 and they charged me $750 (I think they indicated my insurance covered half, when in fact they paid in full).  This was at a MA hospital.

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    Mine was around $1600.
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    TTC 11/2010
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    DH: MFI, SA #1 2 million, SA #2 no sperm, SA #3 7 million total
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    3/2013 IUI with Femara, BFN
    4/2013 IUI with Femara, BFN
    5/2013 IUI with Femara, BFN
    8/2013 IVF with Femara, Bravelle, and Lupron, 4 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 3 grade 2 Blastocysts transferred day 5, BFN
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