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  • The dr sounds awful. I'm glad you were there for your friend and that her birth overall went well. And yeah, 9 hrs for a FTM is great!
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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    Stories like this scare me. It's like having an intervention-free birth is going to take a miracle.

    I agree! I'm already nervous and ready to push back and I haven't even had my first appointment yet! 

    Sorry you're scared. FWIW, not all OBs are like this! I did end up getting induced so it wasn't as intervention-free as I would've liked, but my OB was very respectful of my wish for no *unnecessary* interventions and overall I had a really good experience even in a hospital; the staff were all wonderful about following my birth plan without me even having to mention it!

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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      But the doc walked in and said it was too loud and that he was going to leave until it got quiet.  

    He finally came back and said that he was going to be in charge of pushing and if he heard a word from anyone else he was going to leave (and then looked at me).  

    This is SHOCKING to me. How can this happen? :(

    Congrats to your friend on her delivery and healthy baby, and good job advocating and supporting!  

    This! I would report him for saying this, really? a DOCTOR threatens to LEAVE his job? becuse things are to loud?!?! theres a baby being born here!!

    Im so glad you were there, and your friend got the med free birth she wanted. She was lucky to have you there!

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