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Epi-free Water Birth Induction Story (FTM)

I had the most amazing birth experience.  It didn't go exactly as planned but turned out so wonderful and I would do it all again in a heart beat.

At 41 weeks and 5 days they started me on cervidil at about 10pm Sunday night.  I had a great pregnancy and was surprised, nervous, and dissapointed to be getting induced.  Slept through the night (barely, I was being monitored) with minor contractions.  I didn't make any progress by morning, still only 1cm.  We decided to get some food, shower, and start cytotec.  They inserted it vaginally every 4 hours. By the 3rd dose I was having strong contractions (about 9pm Monday) that were back to back. They would last a minute with only maybe 20-30 seconds in between. I tried getting into the tub for some relaxation but I got cold and didnt really like it.  So then I tried the birthing ball, but it wasn't really helping.  Finally I sat back down in bed and I would just grasp the sides of the bed, close my eyes, and do deep breathing through each contraction.  Checked again, and still with all of the contractions, I was only dilated to 2cm.  I broke down`in tears, we inserted a 4th cytotec.

Minutes later, with a really hard contraction I felt a burst inside of me and my water broke.  Yes!  It was 2am.  Back to back contractions continued, getting stronger and stronger.  After every contraction I thought, wow this was the most painful one yet!  It would just get even more painful with the next one. I still felt being in bed was the most comfortable for me.  Deep breathing turned into deep grunting.  The pain was too much.  It was about 4am, no sleep, getting pretty near impossible to handle.  I reluctantly opted for morphine just to take the edge off and hopefully help me rest a bit. 

The pain only got worse, but morphine made me so drowsy that for the 20-30 seconds between each contraction I would close my eyes and zonk out.  Deep grunting turned into loud moaning/yelling.  I started feeling pressure in my butt.  I got into the tub again for some relief.  It slowed down my contractions A LOT.  I started having a few minutes between each one so I could rest a bit more.  The tub almost immediately made me feel the urge to push.  I was checked again, 9cm!  A couple pushes and I was at 10.  A couple more and babys head was crowning.  Almost 2 hours later Liam was born. 8/21 7:59am.  7 lbs 15 oz, 21 inches.  Altogether I consider my "active labor" to have been 11 hours.

My cord was short so I couldnt really lay him on my chest.  My DH cut the chord and they had me go back to the bed to deliver my placenta. I had 4 tears, one was 3rd degree.  It took over an hour to get sewn up.  That was rough.  I had to listen to my little guy cry and watch him suck his hands the whole time.  I really wanted to do skin to skin and BF right away.  I had excess bleeding though and the stitching was pretty painful so I wasn't able to.  DH just held him the whole time.

They finally finished and I was able to hold my baby, who I worked so hard for.  I couldn't believe I was capable of what I had just accomplished.  He is so beautiful and such a blessing to our family.


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Re: Epi-free Water Birth Induction Story (FTM)

  • Congratulations momma! It sounds like it went well for you in the end.
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Congrats! You did it!
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